The role of bamboo toward a green economy has never been more important today and we are giving momentum to the efforts in bamboo development. We are working tirelessly to expand the coverage of our bamboo plantation, not only to serve as a carbon sink, but also to promote bamboo industrialization in Ghana.


We feel deeply committed to helping to realize the global sustainable development goals and reduction in the emission profile from the transport sector. Through our ambitious cycling programs, we are already contributing to reversing the estimated 57% CO2 emission projected to emanate from the transport sector between 2005 and 2030. Our initiative is helping to bridge inclusive growth and gender balance by offering equal employment opportunities to the youth in Ghana to develop transferable skills.

Two of our flagship projects are targeted toward promoting a heightened cycling culture and strengthen the role of the bicycle industry in climate actions;

  • -Bamboo bicycle rentals in urban and resort centers to promote well-being
  • -Free distribution of bamboo bicycles to far-flung corners of Ghana through our partnership with US-based African Bicycle Contribution Foundation.
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