Bamboo plays a special role in building a green economy and maintaining ecological serenity. We are working tirelessly to expand the coverage of our bamboo plantations, not only to serve as a carbon sink and restore degraded landscapes, but also to promote bamboo industrialization. Greater contribution of bamboo to economic development can only be achieved by building a large a resource base.


We are deeply committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reducing the emission profile of the transport sector. Through our ambitious cycling campaign, we are promoting low-carbon transport and road safety measures for vulnerable road users. Our initiative also provides equal employment opportunities to both women and the youth .

Two of our valued projects aim at promoting a cycling culture and strengthening the role of non-motorized transport in climate actions;

*Bamboo bicycle rentals in urban and resort centers to promote a healthy lifestyle.

*Free distribution of bamboo bicycles to far-flung corners of Ghana, in partnership with our distributors across the world, to support school children with limited mobility.