With a bold vision to be recognised internationally as an  institution that imagines and influences the future and building on its  affiliation and continues capacity building from the World Intellectual  Property Organisation-Green Project(WIPO-Green),the Ghana Bamboo Bikes  Initiative has implemented a creative program to help fulfill that  vision.

The Ghana-Italy Bamboo Bike Technology Transfer  Exchange Program a collaborative project developed jointly by the Ghana  Bamboo Bikes Initiative and Passi da Ciclope an Italian based  organisation involved in youth development trained young people in Italy  in the use of bamboo to manufacture bamboo bicycles.

In an  interview with the the Head of Production of Ghana Bamboo Bikes  Initiative Mr Amos Agyapong who facilitated the training in Italy said  the project which was sponsored by Agenzia Regionale per la Tecnologia e  l’Innovazione-ARTI trained young people in Italy in the use of bamboo to manufacture bicycles.

He  said beneficiaries also had the opportunity to develop new skills that  they shared with the Italian community.A benchmark of Italian and  Ghanaian pratices are also been developed to be made available to the  entire technology transfer community.

According to Amos Agyapong,  the invitation extended to his organisation by Passi da Ciclope  to  facilitate the transfer of technology to prospective bamboo bike  builders in Italy came as no surprise to him as the bamboo bike market  is still growing and it is growing at a faster rate in its own niche  market.

With the wind of global warming and climate change issues  blowing all over the world, coupled with increasing cost of steel and  aluminium, concern for higher fuel prices, the environment and  increasing efforts in bicycle advocacy, bicycle ridership has grown over  the last few years globally and bicycle enthusiasts all over the world  are gradually eyeing bamboo bikes.

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